This global pandemic has made us re-think a few things, including whether a midweek wedding would be such a bad thing. The reality of Covid-19 is that most couples who were planning to tie the knot in 2020 have had to postpone to a later date, making it difficult to find a weekend in 2021 and beyond that isn’t already booked.

One obvious solution is to have a midweek wedding. We realise this may be a new concept to some and before we dive into this post, we just want to say to all the engaged couples caught in the middle of this Covid mess that we’re sorry, it sucks and we’re really feeling for all of you.

This pandemic has caught us all off-guard but there are some perks to doing things differently.

Here are 8 reasons why you should get married on a weekday.

1. Your preferred vendors are more likely to be available.

If you have your heart set on a particular wedding photographer, makeup artist, wedding stylist or celebrant, there’s a much higher chance they’ll be available midweek.

2. You’re more likely to secure your dream venue.

Again, it’s less likely you’ll have to compromise on your dream venue, with most wedding venues available on alternative days throughout the week.

3. It’s a good excuse for guests to getaway.

With air travel being mostly off-limits, everyone is feeling house-bound. A midweek wedding is a great way to encourage people to enjoy some time exploring their own state. You could put together a list of recommended activities, places to eat, shop etc. or organise some pre and post-wedding events like winery visits or cool hikes.

4. You don’t have to wait another year to say ‘I do’.

Who knows how long this virus is going to hang around. We’re optimistic it won’t be forever but if you’re tired of waiting on tenterhooks (or talking about weddings) you might decide a midweek wedding is a good option.

5. Hotels are less expensive.

For anyone travelling a significant distance or for anyone who just doesn’t want to be on driving duty, hotels are always more affordable on weekdays.

6. More flexibility around dates.

There are more weekdays than weekend days (that’s a tongue twister) so if you’re set on getting married in spring for example, you’ll have a lot more options in terms of possible spring wedding dates.

7. It’s less likely guests will be double booked.

Let’s put it this way, it’s very unlikely those on your invite list will already have something planned on a Tuesday afternoon in six months time. Plus, your guests will have a stack of annual leave up their sleeves and ready to use.

8. It’s a day off work.

Surely this is a pro for most people.

If you’re keen to get the ball rolling, fill in this form and I will be in touch to arrange a phone call or a catch-up drink, happy planning!

Melissa : )