The honeymoon period starts again after you say ‘I do’ but when it ends reality can hit hard. So what are your top tips for newlyweds embarking on their life together?

We have collected a variety of answers, some we agree with, some well, not as much but it’s a fun and practical read 🙂 

Kaylene Martin Grieve It’s a team effort. Learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work together. Not every day will be 50/50 effort, somedays it will be 80/20 and that’s ok to pick each other up. Friendship is the stability of a marriage. You have to not only love each other but also like and respect each other as a person.

Vicki McCarter Learn to ‘fight fair’ stick to the issue at hand, not every issue you’ve had since you met; 
resolve issues as they occur even if that resolution is that you ‘agree to disagree’;
Respect each other’s individuality and sovereignty, choose to be ‘separately together’ – you’re not him and he’s not you, you are not each other’s possessions.

Judith Crosdale Don’t take one another for granted, and remember to say please and thank you. Life gets tuff sometimes so support each other and respect each other’s feelings and don’t forget to say I love you lots.

Barry Magennis Accept that your wife will always be right, even when she’s wrong. And also accept the fact that couples argue. And husbands NEVER win the argument so learn to just keep your mouth closed. Or play dead.

Judith Merryweather Respect. Listen. Communicate. Never take for granted. 😊

Rodney Porter Avoid eating the wedding cake, things seem to deteriorate after that!!

Marg Bysouth Marriage takes two to make it work. A lot of hard work but worth it if two work at it.

Nathan Smith Learn one another’s strengths and weaknesses so you can make up for the other’s weaknesses while complimenting their strengths. If you marry, it’s supposed to ideally be a life-long commitment. Learn who your partner is at their worst before you marry them if that is something you can live with then they are worth getting into a marriage with.

Kim Leanne Spriggs don’t run at the first sign of hard times. communication and trust. and being equal partners is what keeps your marriage together.

Stephen McGrath Divorce takes more energy than working through little issues.

Nicole Davies Back each other. Always.

Kim Butt You don’t have to have everything first up learn to share the love and enjoy life.

James Dean Both marriage and marathon start with the letter M. Both require an incredible amount of training, preparation and a committed support crew around you. Expect it to be remarkably exhilarating and demanding.

And finally, marry your best friend : )