We love getting to know our community, and really want to include YOU as we are out and about. There is nothing like being part of a passionate group of photographers; it is a great opportunity to share tips and tricks with other community members in the area, and a great excuse to get out and explore somewhere new.

You don’t need any previous photography experience, just your camera, either DSLR, point and shoot or phone will do.

We will do our best to post where we are shooting in advance, but if you miss us, just send us an email and we can arrange to meet up!

*All dates/times are subject to change without notice, so be sure to message us if you’re coming!

Email leftofthemiddlephotography@gmail.com

December 2nd: Lake Macquarie December 24th: Sunrise in Newcastle with the Surfing Santas
November 3rd: Toronto
November 10th: Catherine Hill Bay
November 15th: Catherine Hill Bay
November 17th: Blacksmiths Beach
November 26th: Newcastle

October 8th: Lake Macquarie
October 9th: Newcastle
October 12th: Upper Hunter Valley
October 14th: Maitland
October 15th: Valentine
October 18th: Belmont
October 19th: Newcastle
October 20th: Kurri Kurri
October 21st: Central Coast
October 23rd: Lake Macquarie
October 27 & 28th: Hardy’s Bay
October TBA: Whale Cruise Port Stephens
September 2nd: Newcastle
September 8th & 9th: Maitland Relay For Life
September 12th: Lake Macquaire
September 13th: Merewether Ocean Baths sunset
September 15th: Newcastle
September 17th: Central Coast
September 21st & 22nd: Hunter Valley
September 23rd: Central Coast
September 29th: Gosford
September 20th: Warners Bay

August 1st: Stockton Sand Dunes
August 3rd: Redhead Beach
August 4th: Maitland
August 7th: Lake Macquaire sunset
August 9th: Warners Bay
August 11th: East Maitland
August 25th: Central Coast
August 26th: Port Stephens
July 2nd: Redhead Beach for sunset
July 7th: Lake Macquarie for sunset
July 10th: Norah Head
July 12th: Port Stephens all day
July 13th: Lake Macquarie for sunset
July 14th: Nobbys Beach for sunset
July 21st: Australian native animals close up for the afternoon then sunset
July 23rd: Redhead Beach in the afternoon
July 26th: Belmont area all day
July 29th: Shelly Beach for sunset
July 31st: Dudley Beach forest/beach all day
June 2nd: Dudley Beach sunset
June 17th: Warners Bay
June 18th-23rd: QLD
June 29th & 30th: Hunter Valley
August 4th: Soldiers Beach for sunset
August 8th: Redhead Beach at noon
August 10th: Caves Beach for low tide
August 15th: Lake Macquarie for sunset
August 16th: Watagans National Park for sunset
August 19th: Belmont area for sunset
August 20th: Terrigal area for sunset
August 29th: Western Lake Macquarie for sunset

July 11th: Rathmines
July 13th & 14th: Central Coast
July 15th: Hunter Valley
July 17th: Stockton model shoot
July 19th & 20th: Lake Macquaire sunset
July 21st: Central Coast sunset
July 23rd: Warnervale
July 27th: Whale Cruise Port Stephens, all welcome to join
July 28th: Redhead Beach sunset
July 29th: Lake Macquarie

May 5th & 6th: Newcastle
May 11th: Swansea area sunset
May 12th: Belmont sunset
May 16th: Lake Maquarie sunset
May 19th & 20th: Hawkesbury River
May 22nd: Shoal Bay
May 25th: Redhead Beach sunset
May 30th: Lake Macquarie sunset

We would love to come to you during April, if you know a spot around Newcastle, Lake Macquaire or the Central Coast that you would like to share, please contact us at leftofthemiddlephotography@gmail.com, we would love to join you!
March 3rd: Lake Macquarie sunset
March 7th: Port Stephens
March 9th: Redhead Beach sunset
March 11: Central Coast
March 17th: Hunter Valley
March 24th: Maitland area
March 27th: Lake Macquarie sunset
March 28th: Port Stephens
February 2nd: Port Stephens sand dunes
February 3rd: Warners Bay sunset
February 6th: Mulbring area sunset
February 17th: Hunter Valley
February 21st: Anna Bay
February 23rd-24th: Heaven Can Wait sailing event, join us on board!
January 4-6th: Great Lakes
January 10th: Redhead Beach sunset
January 13th: Warners Bay sunset
January 14th: Stockton sand dunes – free trip to Tin City!
January 22nd: Zenith Beach sunset
January 24th: Stockton Sand Dunes + sunset in the area
January 26th: Maitland area
January 27th: Redhead Beach with models
January 31st: Full Moon Rising cancelled, too cloudy 🙁

December 4th: Newcastle for sunset
December 10th: Central Coast for sunset
December 11th: Toronto for sunset
December 21st: Newcastle for our annual Santa Surf Sunrise (this will be our 4th year, dress up required!)
click here for photos
December 27th: Lake Macquarie for sunset

November 1st: Lake Macquarie sunset
November 2nd: Grahamstown Dam sunset
November 5th: Lake Macquarie sunset
November 6th: Port Stephens sunset
November 11th: Central Coast sunset
November 12th: Warners Bay sunset
November 15th: Lake Macquarie sunset with Don
November 20th: Port Stephens sand dunes with 4WD TOURS R US
November 25th: Sunrise at Stockton Sand Dunes
November 25th: Singleton sunset
October 1st: Hunter Valley Balloon Festival for sunrise and breakfast
October 2nd: Sunset at Munmorah State Park
October 5th: Moonrise on the Central Coast
October 14th: Cessnock
October 16th: Port Stephens
October 18th: Couple photography, Lake Macquarie
October 21st: Singleton
October 24th: Warners Bay for sunset
October 28th: Redhead Beach for sunset

September 3rd: Lake Macquarie for sunset
September 10th: Warners Bay for sunset
September 17th: Barangaroo, Sydney 3:00 – sunset
September 22nd: Horses as models, Mt Hutton
September 23rd: Sydney Opera House (VIP tour for photographers) and gardens, registration required, message me for more details.
September 25th: Western Lake Macquarie for sunset
September 29th-1st: Hunter Valley Balloon Festival for sunrise
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